1) Can anyone join GCSAS

All types of contractor are welcome to join the GCSAS scheme, from building contractors to office cleaning companies. Each contractor member is considered individually, taking into account the profession, industry sector and business size.

2) Would I need to have a written health and safety policy?

You do not need to have a written health and safety policy if you have fewer than 5 employees, however, you must be able to demonstrate an understanding of health and safety legislation and how it applies to your business. GCSAS have developed a questionnaire specifically for sole-traders and companies with 5 employees or less. If you think this is applicable to your business, please complete and submit the online contact form to discuss your individual business requirements.

4) How many contractors fail accreditation?

All Contractors that remain engaged with the accreditation process usually gain accreditation in less than 2 audits. Only those members who do not remain engaged or keep their membership up to date will eventually fail. GCSAS’s aim is to engage with all of its members to ensure they attain accreditation. To assist in this process, every contractor is assigned an auditor who will work with them to ensure the necessary paperwork and documentation is complete.

5) How long does it take to become accredited?

The length of time required for the accreditation process begins upon receipt of the questionnaire, and depends on the member’s response time and documentation provided. The average assessment is completed in 4-8 weeks; we aim to complete the 1st audit within 20 working days, and any additional audits within 10 working days.

6) My company uses a lot of subcontractors – can I get GCSAS to undertake the assessments for me?

Should you require GCSAS to take over the administration of your contractor assessment and provide you with access to a database of pre-vetted members for you to choose from, you can become a client of the GCSAS scheme. Please complete and submit the online contact form to discuss your individual business requirements.

7) Why should I join the scheme?

If you are a contractor or service supplier and want to demonstrate your health and safety competency to new and existing clients, then you need to register as a contractor. Being a member of the GCSAS scheme means you no longer have to complete multiple pre-qualification questionnaires. Common sense would therefore suggest that a standardised question set would help to reduce the administrative burden on suppliers in terms of completing the paperwork and buyers in terms of assessing supplier’s response, saving you both time and money. GCSAS is the only contractor accreditation scheme in Guernsey, and understands local business needs.

8) How will my clients know that I am a member?

Once accredited, you will be added to our web portal which is accessed by GCSAS clients. If you have joined the scheme as a direct result of a client request, then you will appear in their monthly report of accredited contractors. You will also receive an accreditation certificate vehicle stickers and logos that can be used in your own marketing materials i.e. letterheads, brochures and websites etc.

9) Can I contact a GCSAS client directly?

GCSAS is unable to provide contact details for its clients

If you any further questions about the scheme please complete and submit the online contact form.